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What Is Simply Music Gateway?

A playing-based piano method for those with special needs.

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Self-expression for those with special needs.

Those on the Autism spectrum, and those with learning disabilities, neurological dysfunction, developmental delays, and ADHD will be provided a new means of self-expression through music with our breakthrough, adaptive piano program.

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About The Program

The Simply Music Gateway Program is taught by Licensed Simply Music Teachers, and is a playing-based piano method designed for anybody with special needs and learning differences, including those on the Autism spectrum, as well as those with learning disabilities, neurological dysfunction, developmental delays, and ADHD. It provides a new means of self-expression through music, and gives students the opportunity and ability to play the piano and experience music making without the need to acquire the technical, theoretical and physical skills and attributes typically associated with traditional methods of piano learning.

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Self-expression for Everyone
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About The Program Developer

Meet the person who helped to make this happen!

Karen Ninsenson

Karen Nisenson, M.M., M.A., MT-BC Founder/Director

Karen Nisenson is Founder and Clinical Director of Arts for Healing, a not-for-profit creative arts therapy center started in 2000. She holds a Bachelor and Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from the Juilliard School, Bachelor of Science from Hunter College, a Master of Arts degree in Music Therapy from NYU, where she taught for many years in the Music Therapy Department and was affiliated with the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Center.

Karen developed the Integrated Music and Art Therapy methodology (IMAT) and the Adaptive Music Teaching Curriculum. She has also created early childhood academic programs specifically designed for children on the Autism Spectrum. Karen is a contributor to Special Parent Magazine and The Motor Story Online News Magazine. Karen consults to schools, and frequently presents talks and workshops to parents and professionals about the impact and importance of the arts in education.

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Positive Outcomes

Transforming the learning experience of those with special needs.

Neil Moore W/ Student

Musical self-expression provides a new means of communication.

The elements of music, rhythm, harmony and melody provide pathways to non-verbal communication that express feelings and ideas, and stimulate speech in those that have difficulty expressing themselves with language. Fine motor skills are developed, and processing issues and learning differences are addressed by focusing on one sensory system at a time.

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Each aspect of the method has direct outcomes:

  • Tailored Learning Steps
  • One On One Learning
  • Fun Repetition
  • Big Victories
  • Finger Isolation
  • Exploring The Keyboard
  • Improvising
  • Ability To Play Whole Songs
Improves Fine Motor Skills
Increases Self-awareness
Enhances Cognitive Function
Increases Confidence
Increases Memory
Increases Focus
Decreases Agitated Behavior
Enhances Self-expression
Increases Attention
Improves Sensory-motor Functioning
Decreases Anxiety
Increases Willingness to Socialize
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What People Say?

A playing-based piano method for those with special needs.

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