Jewels’ Timeline

Jewels at 3 years old 3 Years Old

At age 3, Jewels was diagnosed with Autism. Soon after, Mary enrolled him in music therapy sessions with Karen Nisenson, founder and director of Arts for Healing, with the hopes of improving his ability to communicate. Karen worked with Jewels to address his difficulties with speech and language and his inability to use his hands.

Jewels at 9 years old 9 Years Old

At age 9, Karen started formally teaching Jewels to play piano. The initial goal was to have him sit still and get his fingers to work. As expected, the lessons were successful, and Jewels’ fine motor skills improved quickly. He began improvising, and learning to play both classical and popular songs with ease.

Jewels at 11 years old 11 Years Old

At age 11, Jewels began taking Simply Music Piano lessons with local teacher, Jeanne Whiting. Using Simply Music’s playing-based method, he was able to expand his repertoire and vastly improve his existing skill set. Seeing how perfectly Karen’s methodology paired with that of Simply Music, the idea to marry the two and create Simply Music Gateway was born.

Jewels at 13 years old 13 Years Old

By the age of 13, Jewels and his family were experiencing the profound impact that the Simply Music Gateway Program had on his life. Since then, Jewels has served as a source of inspiration to children, teens, adults and seniors who are dealing with the complexities associated with learning differences, communication, self-expression and cognitive impairment.

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